9th Street BMX: Thinkery Event 5-16-2019

9th Street BMX partnered with the Thinkery for a really fun event this Thursday. We helped raise funds for 9th Street BMX and community awareness for BMX in ATX. Very diverse event, lots of fun! I think the general public was impressed with the BMX action.
Thanks to the all the Thinkery staff for being so gracious and accommodating; Trish, Anjoli, Rachel and Desmond! Thanks to the 9th Street BMX crew for making it happen; Extreme Jake and his shady box jump, Desmond, Gerald, Andy Martinez, Rdog, EZ Chris, Sheps, Mark, Aron Hoag and EmpireBMX.

Jake check his set up

Andy Martinez clicks for the crowd

Fast Flair air 

Gerald takes a break from the dirt to shred some wood

Jake and Mark surfing and slapping

Rdog bar rides 

Rdog can shred anything but he excels at flatland and charm

Andy just flexing his guns all day

Desmond with an accountant's X up
EZ Chris the always positive and laid back shredder

EZ, Sheps, Rdog, Desmond and Aron

Empire BMX: Yard sale fundraiser 3/24/19

Huge thanks to Empire BMX for hosting a yard sale fundraiser for Joe Rich!
Joe is healing up quickly and in good spirits as usual.
The event was a lot of fun, games and good friends.
Empire donated BBQ donations back to 9th Street BMX for tools and such.
Thanks again to everyone.