9th Street BMX: Kids Race 10/26/19

The 9th Street BMX kids Pump Track was a great event as always. It so good to see the kids and families stoked on BMX trails.Thanks to Marty Christman, Austin Tanner, MC Mike Esparza, Garrett Gray, Aron Hoag, Thomas Hooper, Tom and Tina of Empire BMX, Kenny Horton for filming, Rick Crossman for photos- and everyone who helped to make it a great day! Thanks to everyone who donated to 9th!

Clyde and Thomas Hooper
Esteban, son of OG local Patircio Rubio.
Nicolai, son of local pro Andy Martinez.
Everyone is a winner!

9th Street BMX: 19th Annual Halloween Jam

Even though we had to postpone the 19th annual Halloween Jam from 10/26 to 11/2/19 due to a flood we had a good turnout and a great time.

Thanks to everyone who helped out:

Thomas Hooper the sick art, flyer and shirts.Big Rob for the diving board long jump delivery and set up.Squalor house - Nutter for the diving board rental.Vernon Sexton of for the BBQ grill master, Shirt sales and donations.Mike Esparza for his MC action.Tom and Tina at for the gift bags and continued support.Steve Ornales for the Sound System.Matt Lewis of for the donation of $150 gift cardsCult Bikes for grips, stickers and helmet gifts.James Stevens and Rick Crossman for the pics.All the diggers who helped get the trails dialed; Big props to Cody Cox, DFred, Blake, Gerald, Jack, Jake, Desmond, Big Rob and everyone for reviving mainline!All the people who donated to 9th! Event Winners: Bunnyhop - CurlyLongjump  - Cody Cox by an inch, Dfred 2nd placeBest T…

9th Street BMX: Austin Parks Foundation (APF) It's My Park Day (IMPD) 11/2/19

Boba Cox, Cody Cox's fur baby supervising IMPD at 9th Street BMX!
We had a great IMPD this year. Our internal volunteers were able to knock it out early on Thursday 10/31. We moved 18 yards of mulch and planted 20 native plants. We focused on mulching the inside of the kids pump track to create a landscaping "moment" for visibility from the street. We mulched near the sidewalk for safety and around several trees. Big thanks to Cody Cox, CJ Romero, Mark, Gerald, Sal, Brian, Dolphin Jake, Mike E. and everyone who helped.

On 11/2/2019 we seeded the park with 50 lbs of grass seed. Focusing on the sides and back of jump to control erosion. Big thanks to Sarah; an external APF volunteer!

Huge thanks to Austin Parks Foundation (APF) for the mulch, mini grant for plants and seed to improve the park. APF is so supportive and awesome to work with! Great people, great mission!

Mark on the barrow and CJ conducting the mulch train
Jake Tappan jumping into the mulch on break!

San Marcos- Skatepark Jam 10-19-2019

Steve Ornalez and RDog hosted a Wheelz - N - Reelz skatepark jam in San Marcos on 11-19-2019. Lots of old friends and rippers. Matt Hoffman came out and got everyone so stoked to ride and gave away a complete to a kid in much need of a new bike. Steven Sample of Blue Rooster Customs had an amazing art display. So much talent in one place. Great times. Thanks to all.

                                                       Hoffman, Cardona and Hawk

Steven Sample of Blue Rooster Customs and Mike Esparza shade chilling
 Bobby Surfing
 Tony training his son to shred
 CJ Romero smiles in the sun
 Cody Cox 360
 Danny and Todd
 EZ Chris
 Hawk Hip

MC Steve Ornales
Mr. Esparza stomps
 Tabe over the rail
OG Skater Mike Star
Omar Estrada 3's the spine
Rdog bar ride